See author Steve Twomey in the Netflix series "Greatest Events of WWII in Colour" (a UK production). He's in Episode 3: Pearl Harbor.  

There were multiple investigations of what went so wrong in Hawaii seventy-five years ago, on December 7, 1941, but not until this book has the answer been so clear, yet so human. With elegant prose and taut focus, through a core of memorable characters, Countdown recounts how banal decisions and unquestioned beliefs gave birth to an event more shattering and unexpected than any in the 165 years of American history that had come before.


The story is told with a wise, compassionate understanding of why even smart, experienced, talented people can fail. It deftly selects the facts that mattered: the poorly-worded cables, the race-tinged assumptions about Japanese abilities; the Navy's rigid customs, even the arcane -- but decisive -- matter of Pearl Harbor's depth.  There are heroes, too, including a mid-level officer aboard an American destroyer who, on his second day as captain of his first ship, did precisely what he should, unlike others farther up the ranks.


Countdown to Pearl Harbor is a riveting, concise account that elevates the story of Pearl Harbor into an edge-of-your-seat thriller.