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Here are some reviews and interviews about "Countdown to Pearl Harbor," now included on some "Best of ..." lists

Smithsonian Magazine's Best History Books ... 
"...This crackerjack read on the lead-up to the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor, leverage(s) great writing and storytelling to bring a well-told story to life. Without placing blame on any one particular person, Twomey’s captivating words leave the reader wondering what could have been, had military officials anticipated the 'day of infamy' events."  Read more here
Japan Times' Best Books About Japan ...
" ... Required reading for those wondering why the Japanese chose such a perilous path to World War II and why the U.S. fleet was caught unguarded.  Check out the full list here. 
And Teddy Allen in the Shreveport Times adds it to his list of favorites because he recently released Countdown to Pearl Harbor: The 12 Days to the Attack was a favorite because the subject continues to fascinate me and because Steve Twomey's writing is so precise and insightful and human. Check out his very eclectic reading list here. 
New York Times Review ... 
"Infusing a well-known story with suspense, 'Countdown to Pearl Harbor' reconstructs the military’s glaring errors of omission, the secret American effort to intercept Japan’s encrypted communication and the fruitless 11th-hour diplomatic negotiations between Tokyo and Washington." The "day-by-day narrative is gripping."                  
Read the full review here.
Jonathan Martin, NYT 
Los Angeles Times Review ...
"There was plenty of blame to go around but Twomey wisely focuses on a handful of key Americans. He writes sympathetically of their struggles to understand the growing danger. They were overconfident, not complacent, too quick to dismiss Japan’s military as second-rate and blind to the threat of modern aircraft armed with torpedoes."
"...a riveting narrative..."    Read the full review here.
 Bob Drogin, LAT 
Japan Times Review  ... 
"... Those in positions of responsibility did nothing. Twomey shows convincingly that they could have stopped the attack. "  Read the review here. 
 Iain Maloney
The Dispatch Review ...
"Author Steve Twomey has taken one of the most dissected events in history — the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 75 years ago — and made it fresh and exciting. Countdown to Pearl Harbor: The Twelve Days to the Attack is ... the best book about Pearl Harbor that I've read." The full review is available here. 
Jack Torry
In good company ... spotted at Barbara's Bookstore at O'Hare Airport. The nice folks there asked if I'd sign the copies. Of course! 
Pearl Harbor as a management failure. The miscalculations,
misperceptions and all-too-human failings ahead of Pearl
Harbor are familiar to anyone who has worked in a business
large or small.  Check it out here.
Washington Times 
Twomey "has put together the pieces of the bewildering puzzle and written a riveting account of a catastrophe that never should gave happened." Read the full review here. 
National Geographic
How racism, arrogance and incompetence contributed to the attack. Read the story here. 
International Spy Museum
Very thoughtful questions from Spy Museum historian
Vince Houghton in this museum Spycast. 
Lee Enterprises 
Look for the special print section commemorating the
75th anniversary of the attack. 
USA Today
Why the harbor at Pearl was such a desireable place for seafarers and ultimately, the U.S. Navy. Read the history here.  
Smithsonian Magazine
Check out the December 2016 edition for the story
"How (Almost) Everyone Failed to Prepare for Pearl Harbor."
Steve's story on some of the events in his book. 
The Latest Videos ..... 
National Archives 
Research is key for a book like this. Here, Steve addresses an audience at the excellent National Archives and Research Administration in Washington. Check out the video on YouTube.
Steve and authors Eri Hotta and Craig Nelson discussing the events of 1941 and answer questions from views. It's a three-hour discussion, which you can view here or read through the transcripts here. 
Steve and Salon's Carrie Sheffield discuss the book on Facebook Live. Check it out here. 
J.D. Hayworth interviews Steve. 
Click on the image ... 
Fox News
On America's News HQ. 
Video here. 
Roosevelt House 
An interview and discussion with a sellout crowd at Hunter College's facilities at Roosevelt House, a former home of FDR. Video available here. 
On the Radio ... 
"A really fascinating book. ... It reads like a thriller!" 
John Hines, popular radio host on WCCO in the Twin Cities  Listen here.
"Eye opening!" 
Bill Nigut, host of Georgia Public Broadcasting's program "Two Way Street." Listen to the interview  here.
 "Steve's book has put together this puzzle ... "
John Batchelor, host of a daily news program heard across the U.S. 
List to the interview here. 
A cool video from Simon & Schuster ... 
What others have said .... 
“With thrilling speed and elegant craftsmanship, Steve Twomey recounts the catastrophe of Pearl Harbor as a classic tale of human nature—its glories and its flaws. A wonderful, heartbreaking book.”
  David Von Drehle, author of Triangle: The Fire That Changed America
“Steve Twomey is a masterful storyteller. Mining new and overlooked records, he has made the Pearl Harbor story new again—suspenseful, dramatic, intensely human, and tragic.”
  Evan Thomas, bestselling author of Sea of Thunder
“A pulse-quickening read that straightens out the script of an American tragedy. The surprise in Steve Twomey’s superb book is that the “surprise attack” on Pearl Harbor wasn't so much a surprise as a screw-up, fed by complacency, racial condescension, and sclerotic Navy tradition.”
  Blaine Harden, bestselling author of Escape from Camp 14
“Steve Twomey has written not only an elegant, suspenseful account of the attack, but a brilliant portrait of a time when the nation was not yet at war yet sensing that everything was about to change forever.”
Jeffrey Frank, bestselling author of Ike and Dick
“Steve Twomey, a careful reporter and fine writer, tells the story of Pearl Harbor in a punchy, oddly suspenseful book: you know what will happen, but can't believe it. Twomey wipes away anyone's belief in some bring-on-the-war conspiracy. And any reader will find that he tells this saddest of stories very well.”
Don Graham, former publisher of The Washington Post
“Brings to life the many disparate personalities, hidebound traditions, racism and simple human error that led to the US being caught flat-footed on December 7, 1941.... Illuminating.” 
“A thoroughly researched and freshly dynamic narrative.... Twomey ably captures the tragic element in the Pearl Harbor saga.”
“Twomey’s highly recommended exploration of the miscommunications and racist assumptions of the U.S. military sheds light on the missteps of military leadership and provides much-needed context for why the American fleet was unprepared for Japan’s devastating raid.”
Library Journal
"A well-researched study of an infamous moment that is still fascinating and controversial." 
Kirkus Reviews
"A fine account of the players and events in the years leading up to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.... The story of Pearl Harbor has been done to death, but Twomey’s vivid work rates high nonetheless."
Publishers Weekly